Emergency Fuel Delivery Services

Emergency Fuel Delivery For Power outages And Natural Disasters

In the event of a power outage, having emergency generators is critical to ensure that your business stays afloat. However, in order to ensure that your generators are operational throughout the entire event you will need an emergency fuel supplier to keep your generators running.
That is where we come in. Cat5 Resources will deliver any type and quantity of emergency fuel you require including on road diesel, off road diesel, gasoline, hydrogen, propane, and compressed natural gas.
Our emergency fuel crews are fully equipped with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your backup generators are running smoothly with minimal downtime.
Our field personnel have specialized 4-wheel drive pickup trucks that enable them to access remote sites, and are able to start, stop, and troubleshoot generators. They are instructed to do whatever it takes to access client sites, including removing debris and other roadblocks. Each driver is equipped with mobile reporting equipment in order to provide real time generator and fuel status.

Benefits Of Our Vendor Managed Fuel Program:

Cat5 Will Provide A Single Point Of Contact To Coordinate All Client Requirements Including:

Bulk Fuel Delivery Methods Include:

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