Cell Site Maintenance Services

Cell Site Maintenance Services

Cell Site Maintenance

“The Communications Sector is an integral component of the U.S. economy, underlying the operations of all businesses, public safety organizations, and government. Presidential Policy Directive 21 identifies the Communications Sector as critical because it provides an “enabling function” across all critical infrastructure sectors.” – Department of Homeland Security.
It is unmistakable that wireless cell phone services are an integral part of the critical infrastructure that supports communications across the United States. From the everyday customer to the first responders that must have communication before, during, and after natural disasters, there is no question that wireless networks must be secure, resilient, and reliable.
With the recent push by government agencies such as the FCC and EPA for better maintenance, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, and reporting functions by wireless companies it is imperative that carriers maintain their networks in order to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and government compliance.

The Cat5 Operations team has worked in conjunction with multiple wireless carriers for over 10 years developing and implementing comprehensive solutions to ensure that our clients’ wireless networks are operating at peak performance year around as well as during and after power outages. Our technicians are trained and certified specifically in performing cell site maintenance tasks such as site inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

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