Responding To Hurricane Matthew

Despite it being over a month since Hurricane Matthew made landfall, the destruction endured will take many more months to repair.

Hurricane Matthew impacted the East Coast states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. With the storm hundreds of miles away, Cat5 was dedicated to provide quick, reliable, and efficient assistance to two major telecommunications carriers, as well as, multiple other industry businesses.

Though there were upwards of 3 million people without power, homes destroyed, and lives lost, Cat5 was committed to ensuring that Hurricane Matthew’s victims had the comfort of communication, when nearly all else was lost.

Before Matthew made landfall, Cat5 had a team on location, as well as, 60+ technicians en route to South Florida from Texas, the Carolinas, and several other Northeastern states with portable generators and bulk fuel. When the storm passed through Florida and made it’s way up along the coast, Cat5 followed suit and continued deploying generators and fuel, as well as, setting up temporary staging yards as base stations for refueling.

Not only did Cat5 have boots on the ground before, during, and after Hurricane Matthew hit, we also had disaster relief command center teams providing assistance to these technicians around the clock for two weeks.

With the many facets of supporting the disaster going on at one time, Cat5 effectively provided our customers, vendors, and disaster relief teams with 24/7 reporting based on their needs. This real-time reporting included the tracking of generators from point A to B, the amounts of fuel pumped by each disaster relief technician, next refuel schedule, and any other necessary reports our customers needed during this time.

Undeterred by the amount of work put into providing disaster relief services, Cat5 was ready and willing to support our customers needs in light of Hurricane Matthew’s predecessor on the Northwest Coast, the “Ides of October” storm (Typhoon Songda’s remnants), within a 24-hour time frame.

With things back to normal or at least in the process of getting back to normal, our hopes are that our services allowed our customers and the individuals of these communities some piece of mind during a time, so much was at stake.