Ready to Respond

Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. in 2005 knocking out power for over 1.7 million homes and businesses along the Gulf Coast. Weeks later, only three-quarters of that total had been restored to commercial power. More recently in 2012, 8 million homes lost power after Hurricane Sandy swept the Northeast.

Financial analysis firm IHS Global Insights estimated that the total dollar value of business activity lost as a result of Sandy was $25 Billion.

Have you prepared your businesses operations for an extended power outage? The best time to prepare is now — before disaster strikes and your business is literally left in the dark.

“So I just need to go out and buy generators to keep my business running?” You ask… Think again:

“In a seven-day power outage, the solution is not just having a generator, because you will need fuel resupply to continue to operate. And widespread power outages may well mean local suppliers are unable to help you, because they need electricity to move fuel from underground tanks to delivery trucks.” – Disaster Recovery Journal

Cat5 Resources can deliver a constant supply of emergency fuel for your generators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until commercial power has been restored. We have a proven track record in fuel supply logistics with the experience to back it up. During Hurricane Sandy, our team deployed crews made up of over 300 drivers to service our clients throughout the area. Not a single client went without fuel, even when the local pipelines had been shut down.

We Are Ready To Respond To Any Disaster, Anytime.

Cat5 Resources creates customized business continuity plans complete with the strategies and resources required to keep your business up and running during power outages. Our services include: business continuity planning and management, bulk fuel delivery, generator deployments, emergency generator fuel, routine generator fuel, generator maintenance, and many other disaster recovery logistics services.

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