Prepare Your Business Before Disaster Strikes

National Preparedness Month is approaching, which means it is time for businesses to plan and prepare for whatever Mother Nature sends our way. In coastal areas, the main threat is hurricanes, however the coast and other areas also risk facing flash flooding, ice storms, and tornadoes. These types of severe storms affect businesses bottom line–income, expenses, customers, and employees. Though, the 2015 hurricane season has been slow and predicted as a “below-normal season”, it only takes one major storm to make drastic changes and affect business operations.

Hurricane Damages By The Numbers:

Hurricane Katrina (2005) – Category 5 – around $105 Billion

Hurricane Ike (2008) – Category 2 – around $27 Billion

Hurricane Ivan (2004) – Category 3 – around $19 Billion

Hurricane Rita (2005) – Category 3 – around $11 Billion

(Category 2+ hurricanes that affected more than one state.)

10 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Natural Disasters:

    1. Verify Employees’ Contact Information
    2. Have an Emergency Communications Strategy (Call Forwarding) in Place
    3. Check/Follow-up with Insurance Coverage Policies
    4. Compile Important Documents and Backup Important Computer Data/Records Offline
    5. Develop a Business Continuity Plan and Emergency Plan (if you have one, make sure it’s up to date)
    6. Keep Key Emergency Supplies on Hand
    7. Secure/Inventory Your Business’ Infrastructure, Physical Property, and Assets
    8. Install an Emergency Back-up Generator (if you don’t already have one and if you do, make sure it has been properly maintained)
    9. Have an Emergency Fuel Provider
    10. Have an Alternate/Backup Business Location Ready

Additional Disaster Resources:

NOAA’s National Weather Service – Storm Prediction Center