Pre-Fueling Your Generator Before A Storm

Whether your generator runs off gasoline, propane, or diesel, it is absolutely critical to keep them properly maintained and fueled in case of an emergency. It is important to keep your generators fueled to 85% at all times and in top operating condition, especially when a storm is approaching. Gasoline, propane, and diesel generators should be fueled to 85% to allow for expansion.

Generator Fueling Tips

  • Purchase enough fuel to keep your generator running for a minimum of a week. This is practical for gasoline or diesel generators.
  • Store fuel in a well ventilated area and away from ignition sources.
  • Never refuel a running generator. Shut down your generator and fuel after about 5 minutes.
  • If the gasoline or diesel fuel for your generator has sat for over 6 months, drain and replace with fresh fuel. (Unless you are using a commercial grade fuel stabilizer, then the duration will depend on the recommendations listed on the stabilizer.)
  • Use a drop rag for drips while pumping fuel and removing the pump.
  • Always check meters and/or physically check fuel levels with a drop stick or by looking in the tank.
  • Always keep a spill kit handy if you are fueling your own gasoline or diesel generator.
  • When you propane tank reaches about 50%, it is best to go ahead and schedule a delivery with your propane provider.

Common Generator Fuel Types:

Gasoline – Easiest fuel to obtain on a regular basis, however, during shortages and severe weather, gasoline can be tough to find; 1 year shelf life; flammable. Gasoline is most commonly used and readily available for generators under 15 kW.

Propane – Allows generators to have a quieter running noise; never-ending shelf life. Propane generators are also good for eco-friendly jurisdictions.

Diesel – Normally available for generators above 15 kW; easy to fuel during a disaster.

Cat5 Resources Generator Fueling Services:

Cat5 Resources is equipped to deliver any type of fuel to your emergency backup generators no matter where you are located or what time of year it is. Our routine generator fueling services include making sure your generator has an adequate amount of fuel for emergency operations, status reports, and fuel treatment. Cat5 Resources can also handle the fueling needs for fuel cells running off of hydrogen or methanol blends..