Partnering With First Response Team Of America

Since the inception of Cat5 Resources, we have proudly had the opportunity to partner with First Response Team Of America. Though Cat5 Resources primarily aids in business disaster recovery, First Response Team Of America’s primary purpose is to provide aid to communities during critical times of need. During Hurricane Matthew, Cat5 Resources was pleased to once again provide a monetary donation to First Response Team Of America to help assist in their deployment, response, and recovery efforts.


First Response Team Of America is a non-profit organization that utilizes it’s experienced first responder staff and heavy duty equipment to aid in immediate disaster relief and recovery for communities. While communities often await aid from government relief agencies, First Repose Team Of America is on the scene with rescue and recovery resources, despite these resources scarcity.

First Reponse Team Of America studies weather patterns year-round and works with leading meteorologists in order to anticipate upcoming disasters and get boots on the ground along with more than $1 million in disaster recovery equipment.

First Response Team Of America specializes in debris removal from roadways and homes, water rescue, confined space search and rescue, and powering essential infrastructures.

Check out First Response Team Of America’s website for more information on what they are up to and how you can help!