Hurricane Rita: 11 Years Later

September 24th, 2016 makes eleven years since Hurricane Rita made landfall.

Hurricane Rita Facts and Figures:

  • Rita made landfall on September 24th, 2005 as a Category 3 Hurricane, though days before while in the Gulf of Mexico was a Category 5 and recorded as the Gulf’s strongest hurricane.
  • Rita had devastating winds of 100+ mph and dangerous storm surges, which brought on 80+ tornadoes that highly impacted Texas and Louisiana, making it the strongest hurricane to hit the area since Hurricane Audrey in 1957.
  • Hurricane Rita caused one of the US’ largest evacuations of over 3 million residents.
  • Rita caused $12 billion in damages making it one the costliest hurricanes in the US.

Hurricane Rita came nearly a month after Category 5 Katrina tragically hit, leaving New Orleans to nearly nothing. Rita wiped trees and power lines down by the thousands. Residents whose homes and businesses were still intact across numerous counties were without power for up to three weeks.

This is true validation for the need to have a backup power system in place.

A standby generator is a small price to pay versus the cost of being out of your home or not keeping business operations going.

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