Cat5 Resources’ Disaster Recovery Teams Are Ready For The 2016 Hurricane Season

Cat5 Resources is ready to help customers stay connected and mitigate the impact of communication interruption if a hurricane makes landfall during the 2016 Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th.

On Friday, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released its 2016 Hurricane Forecast predicting an active tropical storm season with an increase in activity as compared to the past three seasons. That means the Atlantic Coast will see more storms than it has in the past few years. Cat5 Resources’ experienced response teams have been providing support to the US’ Critical Infrastructures for every major landfalling hurricane since 2004.

As “Essential Service Providers” Cat5 Resources acts as the tip of the spear for some of the largest Telecommunications Companies in the country in order to help them sustain and restore the communication infrastructure after major disasters. Providing Emergency Fueling ServicesAsset Logistics and Transportation, Staging Areas and Base Camp Management, Generator Deployment, Debris Removal, Bulk Fuel, and Reconnaissance of Network Infrastructures.

“Our customers depend on us during and after disasters. We have a vast network of suppliers and extensive relationships with some of the largest logistics and oil and gas companies across the world” said CEO Cindy Perez. During Hurricane Sandy, Cat5 was one of the few companies that was able to secure and mobilize bulk fuel and hundreds of refueling drivers into the Northeast to support recovery operations.

Preparations For Hurricane Season:

In order to prepare for the Hurricane Season, Cat5 Resources has taken various preparedness measures including:

  • Investing millions of dollars in assets and resources including fuel tanks, trucks, and safety equipment in the US and Puerto Rico
  • Verifying all contract resources and 1099 vendors
  • Validating all customer contacts and database information
  • Priority agreements for fuel and access to fuel terminals
  • Conducting training of strike teams and all credentialed staff to mobilize both pre- and post-strike
  • Conducting disaster recovery exercises to help ensure teams to create relevant knowledge and decision patterns of staff and identify areas of improvement


Based in Southeast Texas and Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Cat5 Resources is a small business diversified supplier of technical and operational services across the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands.