Cat5 Resources Welcomes Tim Soetaert as Vice President of Business Development

Cat5 Resources is thrilled to announce the addition of Tim Soetaert to our executive team as the Vice President of Business Development. Tim is a revered figure in the wireless industry, bringing over 27 years of rich experience to our team. His extensive background, characterized by leadership, innovation, and strategic planning, positions him perfectly to spearhead our business development efforts.

About Tim Soetaert

Tim’s journey in the wireless sector is marked by a series of significant achievements and roles that have not only showcased his technical prowess but also his leadership and strategic capabilities. Before joining Cat5 Resources, Tim served as the National Director of Technical Services at SmartLink, where he was instrumental in founding and expanding the technical services department. Under his leadership, the team grew from 11 to 31 members, spreading across the United States and supporting multiple companies within the wireless industry. Moreover, his strategic foresight led to the initiation of a division dedicated to EV charging stations, reflecting his ability to adapt and innovate within evolving markets.

Tim’s career highlights include successfully expanding the technical services department at Smartlink Group, leading network operations for T-Mobile in Arizona and the Chicago/Milwaukee markets and playing a critical role in the modernization of over 1800 cell sites in Chicago. His experience is not just limited to technical roles; Tim has demonstrated exceptional skills in crisis management, network escalation responsibilities in Houston, and held versatile positions in Orlando including disaster recovery support and interim management roles. Notably, Tim contributed to the delivery of the first digital wireless network in Philadelphia during his tenure at Omnipoint.

Beyond the Professional Sphere

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tim is a family man, celebrating a 26-year marriage with Laura and the joy of three children, four grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way. Tim and Laura enjoy spending their time fishing on their boat or traveling to visit family, reflecting Tim’s commitment to both his professional and personal life.

Looking Forward

At Cat5 Resources, we believe that Tim’s addition to our team is not just an asset but a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and excellence in the wireless industry. His proven track record of leading teams, fostering strong customer relationships, and strategic planning will be invaluable as we continue to grow and develop our business.

Under Tim’s leadership, Cat5 Resources is set for unprecedented expansion, especially with the debut of Cat5 Power Solutions. Tim’s unparalleled expertise is crucial for advancing our business development objectives and guaranteeing the triumphant rollout and advancement of our sales and rentals arm. His foresight and directive skills are central to our dedication towards innovation, distinction, and service in the realms of wireless technology and disaster recovery.

We are excited to embark on this new chapter with Tim Soetaert at the helm of our business development efforts. Please join us in welcoming Tim to the Cat5 Resources family. We look forward to the expertise, vision, and leadership he brings to our team and our future endeavors. Welcome aboard, Tim!